Why All Homebuyers Need Buyers’ Counsel

The internet is full of websites and resources that can make anyone think they can handle buying a house on their own with ease. But that is not a risk you want to take.

Although Florida does not require homebuyers to have legal representation, it’s important to hire a buyers’ attorney, also known as buyers’ counsel. Buyers’ counsel has the job of looking out for the buyer’s best interests. This is critical when the biggest financial transaction of your life is at stake!

Buyers’ counsel provides three important benefits and services to Florida homebuyers:

1. Protect the homebuyers’ interests. Lenders have their own attorneys to review documents as well as policies and procedures that ensure their interests are well-protected. Sellers may have an attorney or real estate agent representing them to do the same. The title agency is required to be an impartial party; meaning they cannot provide any advice, legal or otherwise, to buyers or sellers, they merely facilitate the transactional paperwork. That leaves the buyer with no one to turn to if they have questions or when things get complicated. Buyers’ Counsel fulfills this critical need.

2. Ensure homebuyers understand the paperwork and their financial obligations when buying a home. You are embarking on the biggest financial investment of your life. It’s vitally important that you understand what you are signing and what your rights and responsibilities are. As Buyers’ Counsel, your attorney will go through all of the paperwork with a fine-toothed comb and will make sure you understand every document that you sign. 

3. Ensure the home is free and clear of liens or other encumbrances. Sometimes, properties have liens against them or easement requirements that might restrict your use of the property. In rare cases, the seller might not even have the legal right to sell the property! As Buyers’ Counsel, your attorney, will look for these title problems and alert you to them before you take ownership of the property. In many cases, they can even help you resolve the issue before closing.

The Metka Law Firm Buyers’ Counsel Services

The Metka Law Firm buyers’ counsel attorney provides many services that help ensure homebuyers are well-informed and prepared to purchase a home.

Your buyers’ counsel attorney will:

  • Review the Survey, Title Commitment, and Municipal Lien Search for accuracy.
  • Review all supporting title documents and recommend needed changes and deletions to ensure buyers receive maximum coverage with their owner’s title policy.
  • Review and explain all documents to be signed at closing (even those for the seller) to ensure accuracy and to ensure you understand the documents.
  • Review and explain the settlement statement to ensure accuracy and to confirm that you are not being over charged for services rendered by the title company or other vendors. This can and does happen. On average, The Metka Law Firm attorneys are able to save clients between $200.00 and $600.00 because title companies will try to inflate settlement fees and lender title policy rates.

Buying a home is a complex process that can be confusing even when everything goes according to plan. Having a trusted legal advisor on your side will ensure that you fully understand what is going on and that your rights are protected. Let The Metka Law Firm be that trusted advisor.

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