Orlando Buyers Counsel Attorney

Buying a home isn’t as simple as saying “I’ll take it!” and writing a check. There is a lot of paperwork and many different groups involved in the process of transitioning ownership of a property from one person to another.

If you’re the buyer you have many more hoops to jump through and paperwork to sign than the seller. Your finances will be scrutinized and you’ll be required to purchase homeowners insurance. These steps are intended to protect the lender, but who is watching out for your interests? That’s where a buyers counsel attorney comes in.

Our Buyers Counsel Services

The buyers counsel attorneys at The Metka Law Firm in Orlando protect buyers rights and interests throughout the home purchase process. As your buyers counsel attorney, we provide many services to ensure the property is transferred to you free and clear. Our services include:

  • Review of the title commitment.
  • Municipal lien search.
  • Review of all supporting documentation as provided by the closing agent.
  • Review of homeowner’s insurance policy to ensure adequate coverage.
  • Survey review.
  • Review of all documents at closing.
  • Ensuring you understand every piece of paper you sign along with your rights and commitments.

Start Homeownership Off On The Right Foot With Help From A Buyers Counsel Attorney At The Metka Law Firm

Don’t walk in to the biggest financial commitment of your life without support. Contact The Metka Law Firm in Orlando for assurance that your interests are being protected and you are buying a home that is free and clear of liens or other problems.

To learn more about how a buyers counsel attorney can help you with your home purchase, call 407-826-1952 or contact us online.