If you’re in need of buyer representation, Metka Law Firm, PA has you covered. Whether you are a first-time home buyer or an experienced investor, the closing process is a complex and significant financial transaction. Our goal is to alleviate any uncertainties you may have to help guide you through the process as seamlessly as possible while ensuring that your financial and equitable interests are protected.

Our most popular form of buyer representation includes the following services:

  1. Title Commitment Review
  2. Survey Review
  3. Municipal Lien Search Review
  4. Community Association Estoppel Certificate Review
  5. Closing Document Review
    1. All Seller Affidavits and other Seller documents for issuance of clear title
    2. Conveyance documents, including but not limited to, the deed and bill of sale
    3. Buyer Closing Documents
  6. Attorney will reserve final disbursement authorization at time of closing to ensure your money is not disbursed until all closing documents have been signed and all requirements for issuance of clear title have been met.

Please note, this list is not exclusive. Our attorney for buyer representation can assist you with a wide variety of legal needs associated with your purchase. Please call us to discuss your unique circumstances and legal needs.

Our Process

  • Step 1
    We will review your contract and reach out to the Closing Agent to request documents for review.
  • Step 2
    Our experienced real estate attorney will review documents as they are received from the Closing Agent and respond accordingly, requesting additional information when needed and objecting to concerning matters if and when they arise.
  • Step 3
    We will ensure the Closing Agent is moving forward with the transaction in a timely manner and is satisfying all conditions to close in accordance with your contract and Florida law.
  • Step 4
    Our experienced real estate attorney will reserve disbursement authority on your behalf to ensure your funds are not released until we have reviewed and approved certain closing documents. After we have reviewed and approved the conveyance documents and the pro forma owner’s title policy, we authorize the Closing Agent to disburse and finalize the transaction.


We've made several real estate purchases in the past and Chelsea was absolutely the best I've ever worked with. She was professional, courteous, responsive and brilliant! She will definitely be my go to for everything legal!
We recently hired Chelsea and her team as our Buyer’s Counsel for a land purchase.  We were 100% satisfied with the work that Chelsea did for us.  Despite numerous challenges throughout our purchase process, Chelsea represented us with professionalism, persistence and patience.  She always kept our best interests as her primary concern.  We were also impressed with her knowledge and attention to details.  We highly recommend Chelsea and her team!
If ever there was a law firm or attorney that put their clients first,  it would be Chelsea and her team at the Metka Law firm.   We were provided superior service, which put our mind at ease every step of the way.   Chelsea was receptive, answered all of our questions and had a keen eye for the small details.  We would recommend her and her firm to anyone in need of a real estate attorney.  We cannot thank her enough!
My husband and I engaged Metka Law Firm to handle a long-distance land purchase for us this past Fall.  We are very pleased with the professional and thorough service that Chelsea and her team provided. Chelsea guided us every step of the way, and she was in constant contact with us and with all parties involved in the transaction. I would recommend Metka Law Firm most highly.


How much will it cost to be represented?

The majority of the services listed above are offered as a package on a flat rate basis. Please call our office so we can help you choose which payment option best fits your needs.

What is a Title Commitment?

The title commitment is the title insurance company’s “promise” to issue an owner’s title policy for the property on the same terms, conditions and with the same exceptions as shown on the title commitment.

Can I refuse to purchase if there are title issues and still get my deposit back?

Yes, but the Seller has a right to cure and you have to timely object to title defects within the contractually specified time after your receipt of the Title Commitment (usually 5 days).

When should a Buyer be represented by an attorney?

We believe it is always advisable to be represented by an attorney when purchasing real property, but it is especially important in circumstances involving cash purchases, vacant land purchases and commercial purchases.

If you are looking for buyer representation, contact us and our attorney can get started for you today.