Escrow & Closing Services

Whether you are buying, selling or refinancing a property in Florida, the escrow and closing process is a complex one with numerous moving parts and opportunities for error. With the wrong closing agent, the transaction can be overwhelming, confusing and result in costly mistakes.

When you choose The Metka Law Firm to help with your escrow and closing services, our primary objective is to ensure that even the most complex transactions progress seamlessly for our clients. We are able to continuously accomplish this objective by providing knowledgeable, meticulous and responsive escrow and closing services to each party involved. Our experienced real estate attorney is available upon request and oversees our team of title professionals to ensure that each and every transaction is completed accurately and in strict compliance with Florida Law.

An additional benefit of working with The Metka Law Firm is that our experienced real estate attorney reserves time on her calendar to assist with unforeseen legal issues that may arise throughout the closing process. It is not uncommon for unexpected issues to arise prior to closing. In these circumstances, our real estate attorney makes herself immediately available to work with each party toward a mutually agreeable solution. Common examples of such additional legal services include the following:

  1. Contract addendum preparation and negotiations
  2. Seller financed loan documents
  3. Pre- and Post- Occupancy Agreements
  4. Escrow Hold Back Agreements
  5. Quit Claim Deeds
  6. Limited and Specific Powers of Attorney

Title Services

The Metka Law Firm’s team of title professionals offer over a decade of combined experience in the title industry. We have extensive experience conducting and reviewing title search reports, correcting title defects and issuing title insurance policies.

A critical part of each closing we facilitate includes researching and satisfying all requirements necessary to issue marketable title to the buyer at closing.
The Metka Law Firm offers the same services as a title company and more, at a price that is similar and often less than what our clients would pay to a title company. Our title services include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. Title Search Reports
  2. Attorney Opinion of Title
  3. Issuance of Owner’s and Lender’s Title Insurance Policies
  4. Correction of Title Defects

Our Process

  • Step 1
    Appoint The Metka Law Firm PA as Escrow Agent in the Contract and send us a copy so our experienced team of title professionals can get started.
  • Step 2
    We work with the Buyer’s lender, conduct a title examination and satisfy all title requirements prior to closing.
  • Step 3
    You sit back and relax while we get everything ready for Closing. We will let you know if there is anything that requires your attention.
  • Step 4
    We will reach out to you to schedule a time that works best for your schedule to come to our office to sign your closing documents and finalize the transaction.


My husband and I engaged Metka Law Firm to handle a long-distance land purchase for us this past Fall.  We are very pleased with the professional and thorough service that Chelsea and her team provided. Chelsea guided us every step of the way, and she was in constant contact with us and with all parties involved in the transaction. I would recommend Metka Law Firm most highly.
When you represent buyers, you are typically at the mercy of whomever the seller chooses as the closing agent. We did represent the buyers in this sale, however, we could not have chosen a better closing agent ourselves!  The Metka Law Firm was outstanding from beginning to end in this transaction. They were proactive every stop of the way and on top of everything. Extremely knowledgeable, professional,  communicative  and pro-customer service. We cannot speak highly enough of them. Great experience.
I found Ms Chelsea Metka to be very prompt, efficient & very effective at every step & this was of tremendous help to us in the closing of our property. I know now where to go for any legal help when needed. Thanks.


Will I Pay More Using an Attorney vs. a Title Company?

No. We provide professional closing services, with the experience and knowledge of an attorney, at a cost that is the same, and often less, than what the parties would pay when using a title company.

What is Owner’s Title Insurance?

Owner’s title insurance protects buyers from financial loss and related legal fees in the event there is an insured defect of ownership of the property.

Who chooses the Closing Agent?

Typically, the party who pays for the Owner’s Title Insurance is the party who chooses the Closing Agent. It is customary in Central Florida for the Seller to pay for the Owner’s Title Insurance and therefore, the Seller will choose the Closing Agent.

Do I have to attend closing in person?

If you are a cash buyer, no, you should be able to sign all documents electronically. Sellers have to sign in person as their signatures need to be notarized and witnessed. Buyers who are obtaining a loan are also required to sign in person as many of the loan documents need to be notarized and witnessed. The Metka Law Firm has conference room space available in Orange and Lake Counties and we are happy to accommodate other signing locations with advance notice.

Choose The Metka Law Firm to be your trusted Closing Agent and let us get started for you today.