Claiming Your Tax Deed Surplus Funds in Florida

If you are reading this article, you may have recently lost a property at a Tax Deed Sale. You may even be receiving a flood of solicitations telling you that there is or could be money owed to you as a result of a “surplus” or “overbid”.

In Florida, if a property is purchased at a Tax Deed Sale for an amount in excess of the amount owed to the Tax Certificate Holder, the surplus, after payment of any other government liens of record, must be paid over and disbursed by the clerk to, among others, the following person(s):

  1. Any legal title holder of record;
  2. Any mortgagee of record;
  3. Any vendee of recorded contract; or
  4. Any person whom the property was assessed on the tax roll for the year in which the property was last assessed.

For some claimants, there is a 120-day timeframe during which you must file your claim for surplus. If you recently lost a property at a Tax Deed Sale, it is imperative that you act quickly.

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