Why Every Parent Should Have a Will

What Happens to Your Children if You Pass Away

Every parent thinks about their child’s future and has, at least one time or another, thought about who they would want to care for their child should something happen to them. While no one likes to think about the inevitable, as a parent, making a will is the most important thing you can do to ensure your child’s wellbeing. That’s because if you pass away without a will or before you have designated a guardian for your child, the only option left is for the court system to appoint who they believe is fit to care for your child. This can often be an issue because the court system does not know your child or have an understanding of your wishes. As a parent it is therefore extremely important that you have a proper will and estate plan to protect your child’s future and wellbeing.

To ensure that you decide what happens to your children (and not the courts) here’s what you have to do:

Choose a Guardian. There are many things to consider when choosing a guardian for your child. Because a guardian is the person who will make decisions about your children’s health, schooling and moral training when you cannot, you want to select someone who is responsible, who loves your child and who is up to the challenge of being a legal guardian of a minor. You will also want to consider if their parenting style, values and beliefs are closely matched to yours and if they are able to take on the emotional, financial and physical responsibility of caring your child.

Name a Guardian Once you have selected someone you want to appoint as your child’s guardian, you should talk to them about how they’d feel caring for your child. Your financial decision on whether they should be named in your will might depend on how they feel and whether they are willing to take on the responsibility. Should the person agree to be your child’s guardian, the next step would be to contact an estate planning attorney who will then help you name the guardian in your will.

At The Metka Law firm, we will help you prepare your will and estate plan in a way that best meets your wishes and your family’s needs. Our attorneys will help you prepare a legal document that outlines all your wishes and the guardian you want to care for your child or children in the event of your passing. To get started or to schedule your free initial consultation, call us today.