Orlando Employee and Independent Contractor Matters Attorney

Despite your best efforts, disputes between you and your employees or independent contractors can arise. At best, it can throw off your day, at worst, it can derail your entire business. When a dispute arises, the best thing to do is address it with help and guidance from an experienced employee and independent contractor matters attorney at The Metka Law Firm.

Our attorneys work with Florida businesses to help them settle matters as amicably as possible and, even better, prevent disputes before they arise.

Three Ways To Settle Employee And Independent Contractor Matters

Once a dispute arises, you must address it. Ignoring it or simply terminating the employee or contractor is a risky move that can backfire if they then come back and sue you. Our employee and independent contractor matters attorneys work with business owners and managers to resolve disputes without going to court. We utilize:

  • Negotiation. Negotiation often comes in to play before a dispute arises. We work proactively to head off disagreements and disputes by drafting employment agreements and independent contractor agreements well ahead of time to clearly delineate roles and expectations.
  • Mediation. This process involves a neutral, third-party mediator who facilitates discussion and helps both sides come to a mutually acceptable agreement.
  • Arbitration. This is a private, legally binding alternative that is determined by a neutral, third party arbitrator. Both parties must agree to abide by the terms of the settlement.

Contact A Metka Law Firm Employee And Independent Contractor Matters Attorney For Employment Dispute Resolution

Whether you are facing an employee or independent contractor dispute or want to prevent a dispute before it starts an employee and independent contractor matters attorney at The Metka Law Firm can help.

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