Orlando Corporate Resolutions Attorney

Corporate resolutions are the foundation of your business. They serve as a public record of all major decisions made by the board of directors or shareholders and outline the direction the company is going. They serve as a compliance document, being treated as legally binding decisions.

As such an important part of the business, these documents should be drafted and reviewed by a corporate resolutions attorney prior to adoption.

When To Use A Corporate Resolution

Corporate Resolutions can cover a wide range of topics and issues and the use of the resolutions may vary from company to company. They are typically used to record decisions made by the business’ governing bodies and are so important they are kept with the company’s financial records or meeting minutes and must be made available to shareholders or government agencies upon request. Some situations in which you may need a corporate resolution include:

  • When a new board member(s) is voted in.
  • When employees are hired.
  • When company stock is sold.
  • When the business wants to buy another company, product, or patent.
  • When the business is being dissolved.
  • When the business is buying or selling real property or assets.

Anytime a business is faced with making a significant decision, the question should be asked, “Do we need a corporate resolution for this?” If you don’t know the answer to that, or if the answer is Yes, consult a corporate resolutions attorney at The Metka Law Firm for advice and guidance.

Our Orlando business law firm handles corporate resolutions for many different types of businesses. We can draft or review the documents to ensure they state what you want them to state without any ambiguity.

Retain The Services Of A Corporate Resolutions Attorney From The Metka Law Firm

Whether your business needs corporate resolutions routinely or infrequently, count on the corporate resolutions attorneys at The Metka Law Firm to protect your business interests while meeting your legal obligations to record certain actions.

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