4 Reasons Why You Need Buyer’s Counsel When Buying a House

The Benefits of Closing with an Attorney

Buying a home is the single, most significant financial investment you will make in life. Not only can possessing your own home provide you and your family the stability and freedom you deserve, but there are also numerous tax benefits too. Unfortunately, home buying can often be a complex and confusing process that can typically lead to serious financial consequences for buyers who don’t have a real estate attorney’s experience and knowledge on their side. To ensure that your interests and rights as the buyer are protected, here are 4 reasons why you need buyer’s counsel:

Research. When representing a buyer, our attorneys will do preliminary title research on the property to find any obvious issues that may cause last minute problems later in the closing transaction. This can include making sure that the “seller” is the titleholder with the authority to sign documents and sell.

Review. Mistakes and omissions are often overlooked in the purchase and sale contract. To help avoid any major headaches and future expenses, our experienced attorneys will closely review the home purchase and sale transaction to catch all the problems or mistakes.

Communication. As your point of contact during the home buying process, we’ll make sure you understand the meaning of the surveys and inspection reports, advise you on all available options, ensure you are fully comfortable with the end contract you will be signing and answer all additional questions you might have.

Accountability. One of the major benefits to hiring real estate attorneys for buyer’s counsel is the accountability and ethical standards they are held to. Unlike a title company or a real estate agent acting on the behalf of the seller, our attorneys are not permitted to provide counsel or service that could possibly act against the interests of our clients. This is because we are guided by the professional rules established by the Florida Bar Association.

At The Metka Law Firm, our real estate attorneys will work closely with you to provide the best possible outcome. Our primary focus is to ensure that the property of your interest is transferred to you free and clear without any added stress, defects or discrepancies. To learn more how we can help you, contact us or book your free initial consultation today.